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Energy Procurement

Bridge acts as the coordinator to assist you through the entire commodity procurement process.  We simplify the process by helping you sort through important information in an effective and efficient manner. Our energy procurement services address the following energy products: (1) electricity; (2) natural gas; (3) oil; and (4) propane.

Through our commodity acquisition management approach, we can provide customized contracts designed to favorably hedge your firm's position in the market.  In addition, we can assist you by reviewing and analyzing existing contracts for all utilities to identify opportunities for future improvement. We have created relationships with all preferred large and boutique energy suppliers and analyze all of them to ensure that they are the right fit for you.

Similar to a financial portfolio's assets, it is important to establish goals and targets, identify energy asset nuances, and determine risk tolerances.  This will help determine: pricing products, data services, duration, contract language, operations, billing, among other customized solutions.

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