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Renewable Strategies

With the growing support for environmental responsibility and accountability, Bridge can help execute your plan to meet sustainability goals and objectives. Sustainability is different for every organization, but Bridge has a plan for everyone.

Bridge is familiar with requirements from the federal, ISO, state, and local levels.  We will help validate and establish current baselines and provide avenues for achieving sustainability goals.  We use a combination of data, real-time monitoring, and analytical tools to help you with your sustainability plan.

Solar PV and Net Metering

Due to recent innovations in the solar industry, Solar energy has become a popular and practical way to save money and become more sustainable.  Bridge can help with all aspects of your project.

Services include:

- Master planning and commodity acquisition integration

- Initial feasibility survey

- Grants & incentives navigation

- Detailed project financial study

- Sale or purchase of RECs

- Power Purchase Agreements negotiation

- Onsite development

- Stakeholder project presentations

Renewable Energy Credits

Bridge is up to speed on the latest energy financial products that can help meet your sustainability goals. Purchasing Renewable energy credits is a simple and efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Bridge procures products from all energy sources: wind, hydro, landfill gas, frack-less gas, solar, and biomass. Bridge has sourced RECs from all over the US for all size clients.

Popular Products:

- Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

- Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) aka. Carbon Offsets

- Frack-less Gas Credits

Green House Gas Mitigation

Bridge is an active participant in renewable energies, demand response, and energy efficiency markets.  We help our clients execute and source energy responsibly to meet their green objectives. 

Bridge will work with you to establish clear goals and objectives, develop various strategies, and outlay costs associated with different options.  Every institution will have a different means of achieving their green goals but Bridge will be your partner to establish a baseline, track changes, and identify decision points along the path to a greener footprint.

Renewable Solutions
Solar PV and Net Metering
Renewable Energy Credits
Green Hous Gas Mitigation
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