Energy Under Management


Get the most from your energy assets.



Bridge Energy Services is a leading independent energy management and consulting firm. 


Bridge's unique portfolio management approach, delivers for our clients more sustainable, diversified, and cost effective operations through innovative energy strategies.

Our goal is to help our clients optimize their operations and procurement to get the best results from their energy assets.


Energy Services

Energy Procurement

Bridge Energy provides crucial market insight to help institutions navigate changing energy markets.


Let Bridge help take the mystery out of your future energy expenses.

Risk Management

Bridge identifies risks of the energy market and how they interface with energy assets in order to meet risk tolerance goals.

Energy Demand

Energy demand management solutions are a critical driver of energy cost mitigation strategies.

Onsite Energy Development

Bridge helps consumers become more sustainable, efficient, and reliable while replacing old energy assets.

Strategic Management

Bridge will help you develop and follow a comprehensive energy procurement and use strategy.

Renewables and Sustainability

Renewable Solutions

Bridge will help achieve your renewable goals using data, real-time tracking, and analytical tools.

Solar PV & Net Metering

Wondering about the costs and benefits of solar energy?  Bridge will help determine the best path for you.

Renewable Energy Credits

Need to buy or sell RECs?  Ask us about all new energy financial products available!

Energy Data Dashboards

Looking to make managing energy data easier?  Let Bridge help find a solution best for you!

Benchmarking and Opportunity Identification

Not sure where to begin your green strategies?  Bridge can help with that.

Green House Gas Mitigation

Interested in meeting emissions reduction goals?  Bridge can meet this need


“We have worked with Bridge Energy Services since 2004.  Through the competitive bid process over this time frame our average "annual" electric cost per year has dropped significantly.”

Sr. Director Budget Office

University in New England


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