About Us


Bridge Energy Services, LLC (Bridge), founded in 2002 by Michael Sassi, is the leading, independent, full service energy procurement and commodity consulting firm based in Greater Hartford at The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology building and in Woburn, Massachusetts in the Patriot Community Bank building. We are dedicated to serving the region’s finest institutions since 2002. Bridge enjoys an exemplary reputation focusing on year over year cost reduction, achieving budget certainty, and saving millions of dollars on their behalf. In total, Bridge serves over 100 organizations representing: Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing, and Non-Profit Organizations.  Total electricity under management is over 600,000 mWh. Total Natural Gas under management is approx. 2 Bcf.

Our Philosophy

The success of Bridge is the result of more than 30+ years of utility, regulatory and deregulation experience, a strong commitment to the region and our “serve first” philosophy, working as a seamless extension of each client’s energy team. We don't just set a price and forget about it. We work continually with our clients to create a unique pricing strategy that works for them. We use the markets to dictate our decision making and identify great opportunities for our customers. Bridge’s team works on behalf of clients to ensure their energy program goals are met by demanding the highest level of service and satisfaction from their utility companies and suppliers, while helping to evaluate the multitude of energy consultants, suppliers, and vendors. 

​With our unique utility, financial, and regulatory background, we streamline and facilitate the energy buying experience.  We maintain strong relationships with key constituents: government, public utilities, the suppliers of power and natural gas, and site development resources.

In Summary:
  • ​Bridge fills the role of energy procurement specialist

  • Energy Consulting Firm, with main offices located at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology building, 222 Pitkin St., East Hartford, CT and a second location in Woburn, Mass.

  • Committed to promoting Northeast energy initiatives, job growth, and economic benefit in support of our institutional and municipal clients

  • Managed “portfolio” buying approach: committed to “coordinated” commodity acquisition, combining market-timing with “real-time” pricing, and making allowances for efficiency measures and sustainability

  • Provides “flexibility” in the buying process

  • Provides expert contract language evaluation to minimize risk

Deregulation of gas and electric utilities has presented unexpected challenges and new opportunities to all customers.  For small to large energy users these opportunities are quite meaningful financially, given the overall impact to your operating cost and total budget.