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Energy Analytics Intern (MA)

Bridge Energy Services (BES) is seeking an Energy Analytics Intern that will support operations with energy supply contract management and utility data management for Bridge Energy clients. They must be able to interpret utility bill copies including, but not limited to - Electric, Water, Gas, Oil, Steam, and Sewer. The individual will be responsible for collecting, filing, and accurately analyzing utility data and reporting upon findings and anomalies to Bridge Energy Management and/or clients. The intern must complete special and ad hoc utility tracking and budget summary reporting projects in a timely and effective manner.

  • Create positive change for people and clients 

  • Make a difference at a small company

  • Exposure to leading energy and sustainability technologies

  • Work independently and as a team

Bridge Energy Services (Bridge) is a leading independent energy management and consulting firm.
Bridge’s unique portfolio management approach delivers for our clients more sustainable, diversified,
and cost-effective operations through innovative energy strategies. Our goal is to help our clients
optimize their operations and procurement to get the best results from their energy assets. Bridge is
based out of greater Hartford, CT with offices in greater Boston, MA.

Bridge is privileged to serve hundreds of clients across the United States. Bridge advises large
consumers of energy such as Hospitals, Higher Education, Municipalities, Commercial, and Industrial
clients with energy sourcing, management, and sustainability. As a full-service energy consulting firm
expertise includes: procurement, on-site generation, renewable strategies, battery energy storage
systems, data solutions, energy management and forecasting, and regulatory affairs (compliance and incentives).

Bridge is a service company not a sales company. Our serve first mentality delivers value to its clients as
an extension of their energy team. Bridge realizes our company value is our people and process. Bridge
hires intelligent, capable people who can learn energy markets, organizes processes, and leverage
analytics to make data driven recommendations for our clients. Industry experience is preferred but we
value more the capacity to learn and the desire to do good things for clients at the highest ethical


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